Get Haute is a self esteem building reality tv show where we take women who have suffered from depression, body dimorphism, disease, cancer survivors, and US military and give them a total makeover. We sponsor a new wardrobe that compliments their figure and give a makeover with a beauty expert. We then have them participate in a fashion show and photoshoot with professional models to show them that they too can become a “model.”

Get Haute is a one hour Tv series best described as Fashion based self esteem lifter reality show

We will choose two women from each city who are struggling with low self esteem, body dimorphism, diseases, cancer, or military veterans.

Our objective is to approach these women, interview them, and ascertain if they would be willing to enter a process whereby allowing us to inspire, celebrate and release their inner beauty through high fashion makeup, high fashion outfits, and a feature in Internationally vindicated digital lifestyle magazine, TNE Magazine.

All of this culminates in having them participate in a fashion show alongside professional models where it is obvious that our woman have every right to be one of them.

In addition to a Fashion show our women will participate in a photoshoot. Just the experience alone will instill in them self-esteem and self confidence.

Women at home will more than likely benefit from this show as they will be inspired to make changes in their own lives as they learn the same values and healthy habits that we are teaching our “models.”