Eric Zuley’s eZWay Network and iLaunch Global Alliance have created a force to be reckoned with, especially in the TV/Media Industry, both domestic and internationally, reaching well over 100+ countries.

iLaunch Global Entertainment TV has become a marketing and channel distribution conglomerate that offers an array of services. iLaunch Global Entertainment TV (also known as “iLaunch” and/or “iLaunch Global”)

iLauncheZWay Alliance Umbrella

Our Team

Ian C. Glover

Associate Producer

Ian C. Glover is a go-getter above al others! He is the founder of Glover Zone DL Pictures and has made headway towards his dreams and ambitions. See their IMDB

Noah Brown

Sales Agent

this is a radiation suit. About 30 years, it's a nice round number. My equipment, that reminds me, Marty, you better not hook up to the amplifier.

Eric Zuley

Chief Marketing Officer

According to Weekly Billboard Magazine, I have been ranked one of the top ten professionals for social media influence worldwide.

Dr. Dante Sears

Program Director

A multi-faceted Transformational Healer, Strategist, TV Host, Real Estate Investment Consultant, and Producer with a mind for entrepreneurial business strategy

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